Hey, great site.  I'm a Penn State grad, and we're all in the "ND Sucks" fraternity (even though I'm Catholic myself).  Here's one to think about.  I work at LSU (which is a state university, in heavily Catholic south Louisiana). Here is the punch line:

LSU has more Catholic students than Notre Dame does (and it's not even a Catholic school).

It's a number's game -- LSU's enrollment is over 28,000, while Notre Dame's in about 11,500.  ND is about 82% Catholic, while LSU's is less as a percentage.  But we've got many more students overall.  I believe that there are more Catholic students at LSU than at any university in the USA.

W A Clark

You are such a loser.  It is obvious you have an
inferiority complex.


Found your site quite interesting, mostly from the standpoint that virtually everything included is either a half truth or an outright lie.

The University isn't perfect, show me one that is..Miami?, USC, Oklahoma under Barry Switzer? but the record speaks for itself in key areas such as athletic graduation rates and national champoinships in a variety of sports.

Even though you won't admit it, for good reason Notre Dame is most respected and admired football program in the history of college football.

I truely hope the effort it must have taken to put this thing together was therapeutic for you because you seem to harbor some serious issues.

I don't know what your beef is with the Fighting Irish but please know that this amateur attempt to discredit the greatest name in football results in your making a terrible fool of yourself.

Go Irish!!!!

Bill Mogren responds: Your assertion that everything in here is a half-truth or a lie is unproven. Perhaps you should click on the links that prove obvious truths that Notre Dame has been penalized for NCAA violations and hasn't had a top ten record in the NCAA in the past 50 years. Thus, ND not only doesn't win, they don't do things the right way. And if you are seeking programs like Miami or Oklahoma as your benchmark, you've already lost the battle for ethical high ground.

Can't wait to see your commentary!

It will read, "ND was lucky" or "Penn State is
overrated" or "the refs cost the game". 

Enjoy the shit sandwich and let me know how it tastes.

"Bill," again

How can you forget the 1974 loss to USC?  ND led 24-0 at one point  (24-6 at halftime), but lost 24-55.

Steve Bloom

You are doing a fine public service.  Keep up the good work.

Christopher Bryson Larkby

First off, the site is awesome. I'm forwarding it to everyone i know. I have a game that needs to go in the "Best Losses" section. Being a HUGE Purdue football fan...i would love to see Purdue's game added where it torched the Irish in South Bend on Oct. 2, 2004. I remember it well seeing how it was one of the greatest days of my life. Purdue won the game 41-16. I'm sure you've had to have someone request that this game goes it the "Best Losses" section was that great. It didn't really make or break either teams season, but it was still a great beating. There are some clips of it on YouTube. Thanks again for the site.

I love this site!!!! I am attending Purdue right now and most everyone here hates Notre Dame...they always get into bowl games that they don't deserve to be in...I lived in South Bend before coming here to Purdue...i about wanted to puke my guts out every football season because every year Notre Dame thinks they are going to win a championship.... FUCK ND!


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